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The walk to London – part 1

We have decided to walk to London (Kings Cross station) along the Lee Valley navigation via the Olympic Park. But rather than walk the 30+ miles in one, we have decided to do it in manageable sections – far kinder on our dog and our legs…

Part 1 was the 6.7 miles from Ware to Broxbourne (the return journey by train).

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 09.27.16
11312725_10153424361015649_7485147589607352284_o 11051912_10153424360970649_5475181530946246759_o 11130463_10153424360845649_4253529450516775791_o 11212605_10153424360630649_708074528912837397_o 885503_10153424360555649_1692103668830184157_o 11167974_10153424360400649_9110224555333109131_o

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