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2016 – Project PB Final Update

Earlier this year, I outlined my running aims for 2016. At the end of the year, here is an update and it can be summed up with the phrase “oh so close”!

  • Current 5k PB – 22:27
  • Aiming at 21:59 or better
  • New PB of 22.04 set in June.  Just 5 seconds away from the target!
  • Current 10k PB – 48:16
  • Aiming at 47:30 or better
  • New PB of 47.39 set in September. Just 10 seconds away from the target!
  • Current 10 mile PB – n/a
  • Aiming at 1:21:00 or better
  • New 10 mile PB – 1:19:46 set in January
  • Current Half marathon PB – 1:48:53
  • Aiming at 1:47:00 or better
  • New PB – 1:48:13 in March
  • New PB – 1:48:04 in June 
  • Over a minute away from the PB.
  • 1000km for the year

Target January to end December – 1000km

Achieved to end December – 1212km


In hindsight, I should have run more 10k races (I only did one) and I also should have found a half marathon course that wasn’t all hills.  But I am still pleased with my progress and I am sure that I will achieve the PBs soon, though the 5k one really does seem allusive.  For the record, I ran 44 Parkruns in 2016 which surprised me.

I was very pleased to have achieve the run from Cambridge to home in October and even the mini reverse duathlon in June.  In 2017 I am looking for some other challenges, potentially more fun and interesting and with this in mind, I will be running in Paris in the springtime.

Watch this space.

One comment on “2016 – Project PB Final Update

  1. Raybeard
    January 2, 2017

    Every reason to be more than happy with this, Stephen. You do yourself proud and may it yet long continue.
    Oh, I do love Paris in the Springtime. In former years I used to go three times annually – at Easter, Bastille Day, and November and it never disappointed. I trust you’ll be making the most of the nightlife which certainly used to be ‘vibrant’ beyond measure, at least so long as it’s not to the detriment of your participation event. Hope to read how it went, together with your other expected achievements throughout the year. Best of luck with them all!

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