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October running challenge

I haven’t run that much over the past month and have only attempted 1 long run in October, so with a few days off work, I thought I would challenge myself.  My plan was to run from Cambridge to home in Hitchin over 3 days, a route I estimated to be just under 30 miles (48km). This would be the longest I had run over a short period and actually was to be a 4 days challenge as I also ran the Parkrun as usual on Saturday.

Day 1: 20.66km

I started on Sunday by getting the train to Cambridge and then running to Royston.  It was a beautiful autumn day with the sun shining.  The route started alongside the guided busway for a few miles (where I didn’t see a bus) before taking me along the A10.  Some clever planners had decided to remove footpaths, seemingly at random for parts of the route, which made it a little awkward towards the end.

Day 2: 18.34

On Monday I got the train to Royston and ran along the ancient Icknield Way towards the lovely village of Ashwell.  I had a choice to make in Ashwell as I could have chosen to end there and get a train home, but had the energy to continue.  From there, the route was very undulating and had to take in some lanes into Baldock and due to the hills, I walked a few times and at the end was exhausted.

Day 3: 8.17km

Tuesday morning and I had the last short leg from Baldock to home, but had to contend with overly tight hamstrings and achilles, so it was a slow run.

Excluding the Parkrun on Saturday, that made a total of 47.17km (29.3 miles) over the 3 days.


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