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2016 – Project PB Update #3

Earlier this year, I outlined my running aims for 2016. At the three-quarter stage, here is an update:

  • Current 5k PB – 22:27
  • Aiming at 21:59 or better
  • Getting close, with a new PB of 22.04 set in June!
  • Current 10k PB – 48:16
  • Aiming at 47:30 or better
  • Missed by just 9 seconds, with a new PB of 47.39!
  • Current 10 mile PB – n/a
  • Aiming at 1:21:00 or better
  • New 10 mile PB – 1:19:46 * Completed in January *
  • Current Half marathon PB – 1:48:53
  • Aiming at 1:47:00 or better
  • New PB – 1:48:13 in March
  • New PB – 1:48:04 in June
  • 1000km for the year

Target January to end September – 925km


One comment on “2016 – Project PB Update #3

  1. Raybeard
    October 21, 2016

    Bloody hell! Impressive indeed. Hope you achieve your aspirations before the graph starts turning downwards, which it inevitably will do sometime. Sorry! – but you already know that.

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