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SD 2nd July 2016

Something different:

The logistics of Saturday where carefully planned and executed.  This should have happened for my birthday, but for various reasons had to be delayed until now.

After the normal Parkrun/Pilates for me and Pete, we had an early lunch and then walked the 7 miles to Pete’s Mum’s house with Zac.

After tea and chatting, we got a bus to St Albans, leaving Zac with Grandma for the night.  It’s not actually that far to St Albans, but it’s a 35/40 minute trek through the countryside on a bus.

We had time for a stroll around the shops and a coffee before the main event.  The reason for the journey was to experience the St Albans triple

1. Cocktails in Sucker Punch – a very trendy bar where we spent a lot of money to lose the feeling in our legs.

2. A top meal in L’italians – a restaurant recommended to us and along with great food, the waiter was stunning!

3. To end the triple, we walked around the corner to The Pudding Stop for decaf coffee and wonderful cake!


I then lost my Uber virginity as we got a taxi home. An extravagance that we wouldnt normally opt for, but we had a discount voucher so it made it worthwhile.

And to end, on Sunday we drove to pick Zac up, had a long walk and then home to relax.

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