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One comment on the EU referendum.  Then I will stay quiet for a while.

I believe that this is a disastrous day for our country and especially the younger people in society who will have few options to work abroad not helped by fewer jobs at home due to continued austerity.  We will probably see a break-up of the United Kingdom when we could have worked to improve the EU structure instead. I know

This exit is all based on a misguided view that leaving the UK will reduce immigration, the same immigration that has benefited us and “taking back control” where we had control and influence already.  We had protection and the best trade deals.  We have been lied to and misinformed throughout a dirty childish campaign by a bunch of self-serving egotists.

The 52% of mainly older voters, have alienated the UK in the world and ensured lower inward investment for years to come.  When the budgets are cut, people laid off and another recession hits, I hope the feeling of superiority is still worth it.

This referendum was avoidable. It was promoted by Cameron as a political tool and I am sure he didn’t foresee the chaos before, during and after the event.  He will be remembered as the fool who destroyed a nation.

I’m not sure that I want to live in such a narrow minded country that likes to hark back to a long gone colonial past.



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