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SD 29th May 2016

Something different:

Despite living in a town that has an overload of live music and venues, we rarely venture out to see any. So many times we say “we really must go and see that band” and then get lazy.  Well today we saw some fine music!

I started the day with a 13.5km run, while Pete went to Pilates and took Zac for a very long walk, so by the time we were ready to go into town we were both tired.

We had a choice of venues, head one way and there was a 2 day mini festival at one pub and head the other, a 3 day mini festival!  We headed to The Vic pub as a guy I know from one of the companies I deal with was playing a solo set.  It gave us the excuse to actually go out!

We started with craft beer and cider watching a trio play in the garden then watched Rob play some really impressive guitar and singing.  On a couple of tracks, he used loops on the acoustic and then switched to electric.  Sometimes looping can be a bit mushy, but he seemed to keep the laying to a minimum to enhance the effect.

A few more beers and we were home for the curry I had made.  Head is a bit heavy now.

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