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SD 8th May 2016

Something different:

Today I ran the Hackney half marathon for the second time and it was a disappointing day due to the heat. I knew it would be tough, but I struggled to cope with the rising temperatures as the race progressed and each mile was slower than the last. I was ready to melt by mile 8.  It was 26 degrees at the end, but felt like 40 to me!

That wasn’t the different part of the day…

On the 20 minute walk from Leyton tube to Hackney Marshes, I was chatting with a guy called Brad, a Thai fighting guy who was relatively new to running.

Have you ever met someone who impressed you within minutes of meeting?  I’ve met a few in my time, but not many and it’s a skill that comes naturally to some and others have to really work at it.  Personally, I am not good at and don’t enjoy small talk, but such communicators make it easy for both parties.

Brad was immediately confident, friendly and genuinely inquisitive.  It wasn’t until after the race that I realised that he had a knack with questioning in that every question was “open”. There was no way I could answer Yes or No to anything he asked and I am not sure whether that was his natural approach or whether he works at being a communicator. It meant that the conversation was easy.

It’s a shame we only had a short conversation, but it made me think: Can we learn how to  emulate the Brads of this world?   Of course the answer is yes, but how?

That’s something to ponder.

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