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Facebook has introduced a feature that reminds users what they did on a particular day on previous years.  It can throw up nice memories, though it can be a little depressing with my internal voice stating “it can’t be 4 years ago that I did this!?” and “I still need to redecorate that room.”

We are often very good at regret but not so hot at recognising achievements and I must remind myself of successes from time to time.  A fine memory, and one I class as a minor success, came up in the last few days. It was my attempt to escape the everyday groove that we all find ourselves in from time to time.  It was 2 years ago this week that I altered the routine completely… just for a day.

I could have opted for a change from the usual breakfast, a different route to meet a client, see an old friend, treated myself or booked an event.  Instead I decided that, at that moment in time, I needed something different so I decided to go to Paris for a day, on my own.

I got clearance from my better half, arranged a day off work and booked the Eurostar.  I knew that Paris would be an adventure that would feed my photography fix, allow me to explore areas of the city I didn’t know and throw up some challenges, not least the language.

Think about your own typical day.  You may be one of those people that has a job/interest that means every day is very different or kids who are a constant surprise, but that’s the case for all.  Despite the differences in our lives, everyone can feel in a rut, so consider changing the routine and you may be surprised at the effects.  You don’t need to make large changes or spend money on tourist trips, the smallest of turns will help and are as effective.

Do you buy that morning coffee at the same place every day?  Perhaps try somewhere else and a different coffee!  Do you travel to work at the same time and route?  Why not mix it up a little?  I am extremely interested to read comments on the ways you shake up your routines.

So two years ago I travelled to France on the 7.01am Eurostar and started out on an itinerary that took me all over the east of Paris.  I was an exhausting, rewarding and interesting day.  Despite being tired all the next day, I felt refreshed from the experience and now whenever I feel that I’m in the life groove, I make a change.  It’s usually minor, but it is a change all the same and I mentally record it as something new… and probably take a photo to prove it.

This is all a work in progress and I suppose it always will be.

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