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So today, after 2 months of calf problems (which is still an issue) and zero long runs, I ran the North London half marathon anyway.  The injury has not helped my Project PB as I have run less than intended at this point.

It very a tough hilly race, mainly due to the lack of training, but the 3 pints of beer I had yesterday with a heavy meal probably didn’t help!  The reason I forced myself to attempt the race was that it started just outside Wembley stadium and much more importantly, actually finished 13.1 miles later back inside the stadium.

North London is surprisingly undulating and at mile 10, I found the longest hill almost too much and began to cramp up.  All in all, it wasn’t that much fun but somehow I managed to knock 40 seconds off my personal best as I crossed the line in the huge stadium.  It’s inspired me to sort the calf problem and get fitter for the next half marathon in May, also in London.



One comment on “1:48:13

  1. Raybeard
    March 21, 2016

    You really are a stickler for pain, aren’t you? You’ll be trying to outdo Eddie Izzard next (bless him) – though I doubt if many could.. But even so I continue to be more than mildly impressed with your efforts. My advice is still “Run all you can, when you can, because that day will come when…..”
    Pat on the back to you, Sir!

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