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100 up!

I attended the Malling Parkrun for the first time yesterday – it was my 100th Parkrun. Despite a stinking cold, I was very pleased to reach this milestone at a relatively new event near my Mum and Dad’s house.


I started Parkrunning on the 24th August 2013 at Wimpole Hall Parkrun near Cambridge, with an initial time of 28.58 and gradually built up fitness to became adequate. Despite injuries and holidays, I achieved this goal and hope to get my t-shirt soon.  Over that time I have:

  • Run at 19 different Parkrun locations
  • Run 500km (excluding warmups)
  • Run a PB of 22.27
  • Run the most times at Bedford (27)
  • Run 1 time only at 8 locations



3 comments on “100 up!

  1. Raybeard
    January 31, 2016

    Major accomplishment, Stephen – and this in the face of discomfort as well.. Very well done. So, 200 beckons?

  2. sfchapman
    February 1, 2016

    Why not!

  3. Raybeard
    February 6, 2016

    Attaboy! (Boy?)

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