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2016 – Project PB

IMG_9665In 2015, despite many weeks of injuries, I ran 130 times, a total of 915 kilometres.  I use kilometres because it sounds more than miles!  Sometime in January/February I will have completed my 100th Parkrun and hopefully, injuries permitting, I will take part in two half marathons in the Spring. I’m also planning the supposedly horrendously tough hilly “Hitchin hard half” in June.

So perhaps I can now class myself as a runner?  With this in mind, I need a new challenge. One idea I had was to take part in a duathlon (run, cycle, run) and I will continue to investigate those races – the challenge that here is that I don’t own a road bike and that would be required.

So my approach for 2016 (and while my body is up to it) is to improve my times across a number of distance disciplines. Here are my current PBs and aims (subject to adjustments and injuries):


  • Current 5k PB – 22:27
  • Aiming at 21:59 or better
  • Current 10k PB – 48:16
  • Aiming at 47:30 or better
  • Current 10 mile PB – n/a
  • Aiming at 1:21:00 or better
  • Current Half marathon PB – 1:48:53
  • Aiming at 1:47:00 or better
  • 1000km for the year


Given the range of distances, the training needs to be amended to suit each challenge, I can’t achieve these in one go and know that the 5k time may take all year.  I am currently working on a half marathon schedule until late March going out 3 or 4 times a week.

The key to improving times is not just about more running. I need to improve my core strength (i.e. main body) along with leg strength and overall flexibility.  Once a week minimum, I will work on these areas by prancing around the living room following some YouTube workouts. The final part is using the legs and lungs in a different way to aid fitness and that will come from cycling a couple of times a month, probably once the clocks change in the Spring.  I’d quite like to try swimming, but that’s something else entirely.

The toughest PB of all will be the shortest. 5k running at 4 mins 24 seconds per kilometre to achieve just under 22 minutes will be extremely tough, especially when I usually record just over 23 minutes for the distance.  A minute may not sound much, but it’s a big step up for an old bloke.

Watch this space… 

8 comments on “2016 – Project PB

  1. Nato
    December 31, 2015

    Good luck with your goals! Sounds like you are on a great path. And those are some great run times. So, I think you can say you are a runner now for sure. I claim to “run” but my fitness app categorizes my speed more at the “jog” level. Whatever fitness app. Whatever. I am trying to run!

  2. sfchapman
    December 31, 2015

    To steal a quote: “whether you run a 4 minute mile or a 14 minute mile, it’s still a mile”

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