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Rolling Stone top 100 albums: #61 Sly and the Family Stone – Greatest Hits

Based on the top 100 albums in Rolling Stone magazine’s top 500, I have set myself the challenge of hearing and appraising each album. I hope to be surprised and educated along the way.

At number 61 is Sly and the Family Stone – Greatest Hits, from 1970. Sly’ also appeared at number 99, with There’s a Riot Goin’ On which I rated 5/10.  I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of Greatest Hits collections being included in the list, but here goes…

There’s an energy to some of the music that is infectious. The opening track, I want to take you higher, with it’s chugging groove is a good example. It’d really funky! But not all of the songs are that memorable.

The slower songs, like Everybody is a star and Stand sound like a different group and clearly an influence on The Jackson Five.  The best songs are the up-tempo ones, with Dance to the music and Everyday people, but overall it is all rather underwhelming.  The album I reviewed at number 99 was far funkier and I’m surprised that so many of the songs on this album are lightweight pop.

It’s not a top 100 album on any level.


My rating: 5/10

Standout tracks: I want to take you higher, Dance to the music

Listen to the album here.

See the Top 100 here.

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