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Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

11199650_646105108854878_1007643814_n 11199608_795297200589684_1873239291_n 11184726_682307781899064_155293966_n 10584701_322505994576798_1032224538_n 11017629_344555079071459_237939237_n 11410446_1468300193489814_656371086_n

Inspired by the daily post

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2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

  1. sustainabilitea
    October 24, 2015

    Stephen, that last sign is priceless. Not seen in the US, I can tell. 🙂


  2. quarksire
    October 24, 2015

    purfeKt fer da’ themE! 😎

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