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It’s just simple maths!

I’m already fed up with whining UKIP voters who don’t think their opinions through.

I’m no fan of the SNP, but let’s get the facts right! Lots of people are moaning that the SNP got 56 seats with 1.4m votes yet the not-really-antigay-or-racist UKIP got 1 seat with 3.8m votes. It’s just simple maths and if you’d paid attention at school, it would heave helped. UKIP stood in 600+ seats and the SNP stood in 59. So the SNP didn’t get 4.8% of the votes that could have been made, they got around 50%.

The 12.7% that voted for UKIP must realise spreading the vote across so many constituencies was always going to lead to a small number of wins (and when your leader can’t win, you know it’s going the way of the BNP). The Liberals failed of course, but they targeted their efforts at seats they might win… though not all plans work out!

The arguments for proportional representation were made in the referendum and rejected by the small number that bothered to vote. We know that just leads to weak Governments. Our system isn’t perfect BUT it does mean we don’t have to keep going through election after election. Haven’t we had enough of politics for a while?!

Rant ends here.

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