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Reblog: How to detox your life in 1 week

How to detox your life in 1 week

Detoxing is more than depriving yourself of sugary treats. By making some simple life changes, you can boost your mind and body in just 1 week.


Make time to relax

Just 6 minutes of reading can lower your stress levels by two-thirds

What to do:

Make time to see friends and share your worries

Go to bed at the same time every night

Don’t say yes to every invite that comes your way


Declutter your home

You only wear 70% of what’s in your drawers – so get rid of the other 30%

What to do:

Donate clothes and things you no longer use to charity

Sell them

Throw away old, dried-out make-up and bathroom toiletries


Remove negative people

Having a good group of friends when we’re older increases our chances of living longer by 22%

What to do:

Identify positive and negative relationships in your life

Stop calling fake friends

Spend time with the people who help you achieve your goals


Change your tech habits

Turn your gadgets off 1 hour before you go to bed to get a better night’s sleep

What to do:

Ban devices from the dinner table

Switch off all notifications

Limit your Facebook time to 60-90 minutes per day


Switch off from work

Our brains can only focus for 90 minutes at a time

We need 15-minute rest intervals throughout the day to keep our brains recharged

What to do:

Turn off emails when you leave the office

Remove your work inbox from your mobile

Get a hobby to take your mind off work



150 minutes a week

The time adults should spend doing moderate-intensity exercise to feel the benefit – in bursts of at least 10 minutes

What to do:

Train with friends or colleagues to make it more fun and keep you motivated

Join a dance class if the gym isn’t for you

Join a running club to meet new people


Eat healthily


The healthy amount per week you should aim to lose if you want to shed fat

What to do:

Burn more calories than you eat by exercising regularly

Plan booze-free days during the week

Swap creamy sauces for tomato-based or low-fat ones

Starting is always the hardest part. Make this 1-week detox the first step in your life detox plan.


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