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46 years ago today

tumblr_n07ssfyqlx1rkfwrmo5_1280The Beatles made their last live performance 46 years ago today on top of the Apple offices in Saville Row, London.

They four musicians, accompanied by Bill Preston on piano, played new songs intended for an album called “Get Back” for 42 minutes before the Police stopped the show.

If only the PCs had known…


One comment on “46 years ago today

  1. Raybeard
    January 31, 2015

    Poignant clip, now looking so much of its time – men wearing bowler hats, men with clenched pipes, policemen looking younger than ever (though the last is even truer now!)
    We know now that George needed a lot of persuading to go out into the cold air to perform. Can’t remember if that comes over in the feature film.
    It’s certainly a classic piece of pop music history on film that few others can rival.

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