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It’s all about perception

Don’t let facts get in the way…

The main parties are doing a horrendous job of pointing out the gaping flaws in UKIP “policies” and instead of stating the facts and putting people straight, they are falling into the trap of trying to out-UKIP UKIP.  There is no point coming up with unnecessary laws that address an issue that isn’t an issue, just because UKIP say it is!

I used to think that only stupid people voted for UKIP. Now I’m not so sure; I believe it’s got to the stage where people really do believe that the country is about the crumble and fall apart because foreigners want our green and pleasant land for themselves. It’s all about perception and every one of these points is misunderstood and in most cases, completely incorrect…

– The perception that most crime is committed by foreigners.
– The perception that foreigners come to the UK for benefits and to abuse the NHS and it costs us billions.
– The perception that foreigners don’t contribute to society financially or culturally.
– The perception that every town has an area where foreigners have taken over completely.
– The perception that the EU is totally corrupt and we get nothing from it.
– The perception that the EU gives us only crazy laws (and none of them have been suggested by us).
– The perception that trading with Europe, and having no other relationship, would be better (and actually possible).
– The perception that all Muslims are evil and want to kill us.
– The perception that our armed forces are underfunded, when we have the 5th largest military budget in the world.
– The perception that the foreign aid is just taken by corrupt Governments.

The main parties need to deal with the lies and misrepresentation in a far more public and aggressive way. Ask a 50+ person what’s wrong with the country and the word “immigration” will appear in their answer somewhere and it must be addressed rather than suggesting more laws. And I’ve not even spoken about the economy yet.

Reading the UKIP policies makes me raise a tiny smile as any idiot can see that they are simply jingoistic claptrap that could never work. The ludicrous and somewhat childish plans would mean the country would be in a permanent recession and completely divided within years. I’d recommend that you look at the UKIP website; it reminds me of a site made by a teenage boy for an IT project at school, it’s that amateurish and the style of writing is obviously directed at your average Sun reader.

I feel that there is more to follow on this topic.


3 comments on “It’s all about perception

  1. Raybeard
    December 3, 2014


  2. Nik_theGreek
    December 15, 2014

    I’ve never actually thought of checking UKIP website. It would either be hilarious or truly frightening to a blood sucking immigrant like myself…

  3. sfchapman
    December 15, 2014

    Absolutely – according to UKIP, it’s a 100% proven fact that you came to the country to claim benefits!

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