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Some (minor) things I achieved this week

173458800_b397da86d7• I managed to break the 23 minute barrier for the first time at this weekend’s Parkrun. I really didn’t think that I would ever manage it, with recent weeks being a real struggle. This weekend at St Albans was no exception, but I pushed on and limped over the line in 22.42, a full 30 seconds off my Personal Best!  I was spent at 22.43.

• I got up the courage to take my old 1960’s guitar and start it’s renovation. It plays badly, but looks cool, however the holes need filling and scratches need some love and care. I will post a picture of the finished guitar if I don’t ruin it in the process!

• Although I know that I only have a tiny extrovert streak, it’s nowhere near at the level I thought. An overnight event with work culminated in public “performance” which mortified me and it’s not event that bad as it was part of a group. So where’s the achievement here? Well, it’s that I didn’t let the cringing embarrassment beat me and I vowed to be better at the play-acting in such things in the future.

One comment on “Some (minor) things I achieved this week

  1. Anabell
    November 26, 2014

    Good job on your PR! It always feels good when that happens. I personally dont like running but as I do it from time to time and improve it’s the help I need to keep on trying. Good job

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