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Oh we do like to be…

…beside the seaside. On Saturday we ventured to Planet Thanet for a look around Margate.

I haven’t been to the town for many years and it’s changed a lot, mainly for the better. The opening of the Turner gallery at the eastern end of the bay has helped to transform an area that was severely run down. There are now many bars, restaurants and “odd” shops and plenty of people visiting.  However, if you go back a street or two, it’s a different story as it feels very sad.  I suppose the success of one area can spread, but will take time.

We went to a shop that Pete has read about which sells seaweed based products (top picture). Not cheap, but a classy place. The Turner Gallery itself was smaller than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed it and will go back again. There was a collection of Mondrian paintings on show and he’s an artist that I really like.










One comment on “Oh we do like to be…

  1. Nik_theGreek
    August 11, 2014

    That looks really nice. I’ll Google it. It’s always nice to learn new places I we can visit in the UK that we didn’t know before…

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