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Edge of the Frame

Inspired by the Daily Post.

We often capture strangers in photos we take in public. Open your photo library, and stop at the first picture that features a person you don’t know. Now tell the story of that person.


The weather had been awful all day and I was a little fed up with feeling damp. The modern art museum has been my refuge many times, usually to escape from the world outside, the people, the traffic, the noise. Today it also provided an escape from the seemingly endless rain. But I didn’t mind the distraction of the museum and didn’t need an excuse to explore.

My job is dull, my family demanding and my social life busy. The museum doesn’t fit into any areas of this normal life and perhaps that’s why I like it so much. Nobody knows of my obsession and need to be alone and nobody would ever guess.

It was an unusual Sunday for me. I would be usually be found playing sport or visiting friends, but I had a free day to explore and found myself back at this familiar building. I often came at lunchtimes on a walking route from my place of work, a quite tour and back to my desk – 40 minutes exactly.

I ambled around the usual galleries, soaking in the art at every turn. They changed the exhibits constantly and I always looked for something new or an old friend reintroduced after some time away.  A new artwork had been placed high up on the off-white wall, presumably to meet the demands of the artist. The piece fascinated me and I really wasn’t sure why, but that’s often the case with modern art. I stood, with my neck aching slightly, for 10 minutes before voices in the next room woke me from my meditation.

So on I walk, seeking out the next inspiration before I return to the life outside…

2 comments on “Edge of the Frame

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  2. Marie
    August 7, 2014

    This was great, I really enjoyed reading it.

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