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This week I have been…

ImageEnjoying… the hot weather. We spent the whole weekend outside.

Also enjoying… quite a lot of the World Cup, apart from the England games of course. We have some issues around the structure of English football, but apart from that there have been some great matches and performances so far.  Germany are looking good to me.

Watching… yet more Breaking Bad. We’ve not watched a film in weeks!

Drinking… cocktails in one of our local coffee shops. Well, they got a drinks licence are having some special evening events. So Pete and I went along and sampled a few cocktails (and were slightly drunk at the end). A lovely surprise that one of the two cocktail maestros was a guy who used to be at the best bar in town. He’s tall, very fit and very good looking!  I have mentioned this guy before in a fit of honesty!

Reading… some dull text for an exam. I am a long way off passing this one. Wish me luck!

Running… in my 37th Parkrun and as I won’t be running for the next 3 weeks, I really pushed myself and was close to walking in the final kilometre due to a lack of energy, but just managed to achieve a personal best by just 5 seconds!  I still have a lot to achieve and increase my fitness levels much much more.



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