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mbeI have a general mistrust for the British honours system. Too many times people receive an honour for just doing their job.  The worst example is the number of politicians with titles.  They were paid well (and in many cases we paid for their multiple houses) to do a job that for some was quite easy and part-time; so why should they receive additional thanks?

The very worst examples and those that smell of corruption are those linked to politicians who suddenly have done a lot for society. I’m not even a fan of those becoming an MBE for services to entertainment.  If you happen to have raised money for charity or promoted important causes, that’s different.

The birthday honours announced yesterday were a little different and apart from the deputy governor of Bank of England Charlie Bean being knighted (for doing what?!?), there were two inclusions that I agree with.

Stephen Sutton received an MBE for his charity work and for raising awareness in teenage cancer. Thankfully he knew about the award before his death at the age of only 19.

Secondly, the founder of Parkrun Paul Sinton-Hewitt, received a CBE for services to sport and community fitness programmes.

But… I still think the system is skewed in the wrong direction and due a serious overhaul.


2 comments on “Honoured

  1. Raybeard
    June 15, 2014

    Particularly galling is those who’ve received an ‘honour’ for doing nothing other than contributing to a particular party’s funds. Maybe less frequent now than it used to be (and that only because of adverse publicity) but it must, surely, be put an end to altogether.
    And re-naming the honours, thereby omitting any reference to a now practically defunct (and largely inglorious?) ‘British Empire’ is long overdue.

  2. sfchapman
    June 16, 2014

    Good points.

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