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This week I have been…


Watching… Breaking Bad. That is all.

Visiting… Pete’s relatives on Saturday in Oakham, a lovely town in Rutland. Despite the rain all day, we had a nice lunch and a walk around the town. It’s a shame that the coffee chains of Caffe Nero and Costa have moved in – there were plenty of independent cafes and the town didn’t need the nationals moving in to kill off the locals.

Voting… In the local and European elections.  UKIP are likely to have some MEPs which I find depressing – an extreme party that lies and distorts the facts, failing to represent us in Europe. I was annoyed at the UKIP press coverage about the local elections, but then I read this and felt a little better: “UKIP were victorious last night, apparently. I mean, they came a distant fourth and have won no councils, but they were victorious.”   But as Pete says, they can hide in a council now and blame other parties when things go wrong.

Walking… from Waterbeach to Cambridge on this beautiful sunny Sunday. We got the train to Waterbeach and then walked along the river path back into Cambridge (about 6 miles) and then around the town before making our way to the station and home. Zac is now exhausted.

Running… in my 35th Parkrun and final one for a couple of weeks due to other commitments. It was a tough one and I think I am a bit under the weather at present.

One comment on “This week I have been…

  1. y. prior
    May 26, 2014

    well we are watching it too – very cool show.

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