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This was yoinked from the Guardian. I find it highly disturbing that people would consider voting for either party…


1. “How we can possibly be giving £1bn a month to Bongo Bongo Land is completely beyond me.” [1]

Correct answer: Ukip

2. “Kelly Holmes is only partially from this country.” [2]

Correct answer: BNP

3. “As for the links between homosexuality and paedophilia, there is so much evidence.” [3]

Correct answer: Ukip

4. “The Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us.” [4]

Correct answer: Ukip

5. “Adolf went a bit too far.” [5]

Correct answer: BNP

6. “The victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend’s mind.” [6]

Correct answer: Ukip

7. “I shared a platform with David Duke, who was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a totally non-violent one by the way.” [7]

Correct answer: BNP

8. “A favourite childhood game was counting black people on the streets from the car window.” [8]

Correct answer: BNP

9. “Gay people have complained for years that the rest of society hasn’t understood how they feel, and has had to make allowances, has to be tolerant. So why can’t you people simply get over it and tolerate the fact that a lot of heterosexual people – we don’t want to persecute you – but we find the sight of two men kissing creepy.” [9]

Correct answer: BNP

10. “Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible ordeal.” [10]

Correct answer: BNP

11. “I actually agree with the EDL on what they protest about.” [11]

Correct answer: Ukip

12. “I don’t hate or have any problem with black people other than I hope very much they will remain black people.” [12]

Correct answer: BNP


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