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This week I have been…

ImageOff work… and enjoying myself, not missing work at all.  It’s been a week of fitness, food and drink it seems. More info to follow (including completing my 32nd Parkrun).

Watching… three films, starting with The Great Gatsby, which is the Baz Luhrmann big screen adaptation and I really can’t decide whether I liked it or not. Although mostly faithful to the book, it missed or failed to deal with a couple of key points for me. The lavish production is often too much to take in and the overuse of CGI seemed unnecessary (and the “acting” skills of Tobey Maguire were not great). But… I still was impressed and yet can only bring myself to give it 5/10. I may yet change my opinions.  A film that took me a bit by surprise was Saving Mr. Banks about the writing process behind Mary Poppins in 1961. It’s a well made film and quite entertaining. When I thought that Emma Thompson was playing the books’ writer as overly grumpy, I read that P L Travers was indeed a negative moaner! Easy 7/10 from me. The third film was a comedy called The Family starring the great Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. It came close to being funny, but the violence and overall silliness meant it was tough to watch and dragged at times, so it gets 6/10.

Celebrating… birthdays (belatedly) in London with friends on Saturday. We drank many cocktails and ate a great deal of food. It was a brilliant day and I’ll post some pictures as I was playing with the £1.99 fisheye lens on my iPhone.

Increasingly… obsessed with the guy at 31 seconds on the “Kylie” video.

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