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Sharing a sort-of-Kylie video…

boy1Whatever next?! I don’t even like Kylie (I’m a bad gay guy!).  This video is a few years old, but I only saw it recently.

To be honest, the song really isn’t the important thing here – it’s all about the pecs. But be careful if you search to see who the “actors” are, as they are all gay porn stars!  I honestly didn’t know when I saw this and thought it was rather cool.  On a couple of sites, many people have taken offence at some lip-syncing hotties – I’m not sure why, it’s simply a bit of fun isn’t it?

3 comments on “Sharing a sort-of-Kylie video…

  1. Raybeard
    April 29, 2014

    Well, blow me down! The divine Kylie, for whom all praise falls short. When I first read this about 8 hours ago I couldn’t get past your second sentence. At that stage you could have knocked me flat with the slightest puff on your lips. I’m quite tolerant when it comes to varying opinions, but for crying out loud, there ARE limits! Next thing, I suppose, is that you’ll be telling us that the Eurovision Song Contest is NOT the highlight of your TV year. If you did I’d have to rely on someone to call for resuscitation.

    Great vid, btw. I counted five to whom I’d rate with a “PHWOARRRRRR”.

  2. sfchapman
    April 29, 2014

    Sorry to upset you!

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