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This week I have been…

ImageWatchingjust the one film, a quirky piece called In a World… all about Hollywood voiceover “actors”. It was an odd comedy, at times trying a bit too hard to be odd and I ony laughed a couple of times. 6/10.

Enjoying… a slightly boozy afternoon at the best bar in town on Saturday. Unfortunately, some people like to take kids in there, which is very offputting. I can’t see that lasting. Despite the fact that we had already eaten lunch, Pete ordered pulled pork on chips (yum!) and cheese to accompany the beer.

Also enjoying… time with friends on Sunday at Luton Hoo hotel for morning coffee and cakes. I admit that this 5 star luxury hotel and spa had passed me by a bit. I’ve driven past the entrance many times (the drive is about a mile long) and discounted it because it has Luton in the name. Luton is rough and dirty… this hotel is high class! We met friends and sat in one of the huge rooms in a once huge stately home, drinking coffee and eating cake. We then had a walk around the grounds. A very nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

Painting… the dining room and living room. I really don’t enjoy painting, but the walls were looking tired and the rooms a bit dark, so an off-white will hopefully revive them.  I still have the edges to do, which everyone knows is the worst part.

Running… in my 29th Parkrun back in Bedford and achieved my best time at that venue.

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