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Esquire has released a list of the 83 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies.  It’s worth a look, but not to follow. I don’t agree with all of them and don’t actually understand some (it is an American sliest after all), so I’ve amended them.  This isn’t MY bucket list, it’s merely a list of suggestions for other people to steal and amend as they see fit… or not.


1. Take down that wall. Rip up a floor. Fell a tree.

2. Lose weight without talking about it.

3. Take one stunning train trip. The more nights, the better.

4. Pre-emptively say, “I’m sorry, too” when in the midst of a vicious argument with a loved one. Works only once per relationship. But it works.

5. Spend an uncomfortable amount of money on a really good suit.

6. Make a pilgrimage to Iceland. Go there for the nature. Go there to camp. Go there for the sunrises and the sunsets and the stars at night. Go there to find yourself.

7. See a band’s last show ever.

8. Volunteer.

9. Drive a 4-wheel drive off road.

10. Love something other than yourself. Like a dog. Or even a person.

11. Write a poem. Make it about whatever you’re feeling about whatever you’re seeing in your mind’s eye. A person. Someone you love.

12. Make an incredibly important decision very quickly. One example: go from single to married in six whole days, like this guy

13. Develop a personal uniform.

14. Learn to tell a joke. When in doubt, mock the powerful, not the powerless. And focus on the things that everyone hates or loves. One tip: Everyone hates Congress – even Congress.

15. Get lost somewhere.

16. Change someone else’s tire without having to be asked.

17. Offer a public toast to your father, in the presence of your father.

18. Write a country song.

19. Take a season off work.

20. Climb a mountain – make it a tall one or there’s no point.

21. Quit your job. Especially if you are miserable.

22. Put your phone down and go incommunicado.

23. Make enemies! Stand for something.

24. Sleep outside, next to a fire.

25. Try really fucking hard to be great at one thing.

26. Live your nightmare. Chris Jones’s nightmare was doing standup comedy, and he’s lived to write a whole story about it.

27. Learn how to make a great cocktail.

28. Make something with your hands.

29. Swim naked.

30. Sing for your supper. Like literally sing to strangers in the hopes they toss change and maybe even some bills in your hat.

31. Meet your hero, if you have one.

32. Talk to your relatives. About his life before you knew him. Sooner rather than later.

33. Master a skill with your nondominant hand, like shaving or brushing your teeth.

34. Believe in something fervently, with every fiber of your being; then believe in its opposite.

35. Read any novel you “read” in high school.

36. By the way: you need not do any of these things no matter what anyone says: Learn a foreign language. Watch The Wire. Run a marathon. Develop character by setbacks. Fast for longer than theologically necessary. Have a picnic. Work at a standing desk. Visit a sex club. Attend the Super Bowl. Join any given social-media platform. Count your lucky stars. Drink absinthe. “See the world.”

37. Do something incredibly interesting and refuse to monetise it.

38. Have a pair of shoes made.

39. Run for office, win or lose.

40. Don’t have a life list. Keep on like before—travel, eat, go places—until the things you’ve done, rather than the things you’ve yet to try, define the man that you are.

7 comments on “Bucket list suggestions

    April 9, 2014

    I absolutely loved this to tears. Had to re-blog it. My list is longer but now, thanks to you more insightful. Doubt I will ever have shoes made, though my fat little feet need them! $$$$$

    April 9, 2014

    Reblogged this on V A S T L Y C U R I O U S and commented:
    Thank you Stephen.. I needed it ! Some I have done and some I will do. Bravo.

  3. anotherday2paradise
    April 9, 2014

    Interesting list, Stephen. It made me think of all the stuff I still have in my bucket. 🙂

  4. viveka
    April 9, 2014

    I think I will move some of your points … over to my bucket list. *smile – great post.

  5. ckponderings
    April 9, 2014

    A brilliant summary of a bucket list, and I love some of the things you’ve put on yours. My partner and I did this a couple of years ago, setting myself ten things I wanted to do during the year, and revealing our lists just after midnight on New Year’s Day. It works and makes you think differently. 🙂

  6. restlessjo
    April 10, 2014

    I’m so glad this list is for men. Let’s me off a few things 🙂
    But some are very tempting.

  7. y. prior
    April 11, 2014

    well I kind of thought this list was for men too – but then I realized a lot more of it is applicable to all – and sister who has driven a truck for decades would like #9.

    but I really like how this list was varied! It had the little things we can do right now and then bigger things we can put on a longer term list.

    K (over on vastly curious) actually posted this on her blog and I almost did not come over here to read the whole thing – because the first 6 she shared just seemed so-so – but then I clicked on the link – and was impressed with the full list.

    thee suggestions are like a little recipe for infusing vitality and zest into your life – in little and big ways – and okay, #7 – I don’t go to concerts anymore – but hey, well the next time I see an ad for a band’s final performance – the husb. and I are going for sure (but then…. bands change their minds so much and come back again after farewell tours…. so we’ll see – ha!)
    take care – and enjoyed this….

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