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This week I have been…

ImageTravelling… to Paris for the day. I was exhausted on Friday, so I sat and edited photos for much of the time and relaxed. I enjoy long weekends away from work.

Watchinga three films over three days. Starting with a pleasant coming of age drama called The Way Way Back which starred Steve Carrell and Sam Rockwell among others. Definitely worth 7/10. We followed this with Man of Steel which was far better than I had expected, though it still had overly long action scenes and drawn out introduction. However, it was well worth 7/10. We tried to watch Thor: The Dark World last night but gave up after about 45 minutes. It’s some of the worst fantasy claptrap I’ve ever seen with drawn out explanations that made no sense and stupid story lines. The acting was appalling, the script laughable and the overuse of CGI just did my head in. Complete shit 1/10.

Running… in my 28th Parkrun this time in Maidstone as we were in Kent.  My sister-in-law came along again.  It was a lovely sunny morning, running along the river path next to the River Medway which has a slight mist hanging over it. I did a good time and felt pretty good afterwards.

Eating… sausage sandwiches and drinking champagne. On Saturday afternoon, my Mum and Dad’s friends asked me and Pete over for lunch and it turned out to be a boozy affair. Actually, it was a Bouzy affair to be very precise!

Enjoying… Crystal Palace’s biggest win of the season.

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