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This week I have been…

ImageWatchinga couple of films starting with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.  The first firm was excellent and overlooked by many. The follow up wasn’t as good, but still highly original in both story and style. If you like animations, you’ll like this a lot.  An easy 7/10.  We also watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which was as good as the first film, but long dark scenes made it tough to watch at times. Everyone knows that the films are based on books aimed at teenagers.  I am still very surprised that such violence and stories can be aimed at children. I find the whole this uneasy. Despite that, it’s 7/10.

Eating… freshly made pizza.  I made the dough by hand let it rise slowly over 24+ hours. This adds flavour for some reason. It’s a satisfying meal to eat and make.

Stretching… with some yoga at home to complement my running and also daily pressups.  My aim of reducing my moobs continues!

Running… in the Sport Relief 6 mile run at the Olympic Park in London.  Pete and I got there early today to soak up the atmosphere.  There was swimming in the Olympic pool over many sessions from 7am to 5pm and cycling across East London starting and finishing at the velodrome.  The running started near to the stadium and had many many people running 1,  3 or 6 miles.  There were start times throughout the day with so many people running and there must have been a thousand or more in my 11.45am start time. It was a good run for me, despite getting caught behind a few slow “fun” runners. There were lots of people in fancy dress and even two guys taking it in turns to push each other in a wheel barrow for 6 miles!  Lots of money was raised in the process.

Preparing… for a busy work week ahead, with time in London and Edinburgh.

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