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Purim and classical

As previously mentioned, Pete and I, along with his Mum and our German friend went to London on Sunday to see a classical concert. It was held in the London Jewish Cultural Centre in Golders Green.  I wished someone had let me know that the festival of Purim was on as the traffic was horrendous.  The whole community seemed to be out on Sunday, all in fancy dress.

Anyway, we made the event that saw Charlie Siem and a pianist play some challenging classical pieces. I can take or leave it personally, but Pete enjoys it and is on first name terms with Charlie now, so I’m a little nervous and thought I’d better go along!   Charlie is not only an amazing musician, but is also a model so gets to wear some nice and not so nice clothing.

Here are some images from the day – apologies for the poor quality, the room was quite dark…





One comment on “Purim and classical

  1. Raybeard
    March 19, 2014

    I’d guessed that he might be the subject of your blog in the light of your response to my comment on your last one, so I deferred looking him up on Google – and I must say that he does cut a dapper figure in that snazzy suit. Now I’ve got to base the rest of my judgment on the expertise (presumably) of his playing.

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