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This week I have been…

ImagePutting… in the miles for work. Although the mileage is not that great, I had returned to the joys of the M25. On Thursday, I only drive about 190 miles, but it was 5 and a half hours due to the crap traffic.

Watchinga film called The Heat which started OK, got silly and annoying and ended up OK again. It’s a foul mouthed comedy about a stuck up FBI agent and a streetwise cop. It’s full of silly cliches, but funny in places. 6/10

Travelling… to Kent to visit the family. We spent Friday evening in the pub and Saturday walking dogs (mainly). Like most of England, Kent is still very wet and the dogs were soaked and muddy after a 2 hour walk.

Running… in my 24th Parkrun this time in Maidstone as we were visiting my Mum and Dad.  My sister-in-law came along for her first run and Pete and Zac cheered us on.  Over 200 took part, running the narrow 5k route along the River Medway in sunshine!  At the start, it was announced that a pacer would be present aiming at 24 minutes (some 35 seconds faster than my best time set last week in Bedford). So I thought I’d give it a go… it nearly killed me. He went off faster than I had liked but I managed to scrape under 24 minutes to set a new PB, despite running very slowly in the last few hundred metres.

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