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Inspired by the Daily Post on WordPress:

“Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends.”

I’ve never been in a band, I don’t have the confidence or skills to perform, but I came close one night…

I once worked with a guy called Paul who owned a small recording studio at the back of his house. He would rent out the space to aspiring musical artists to make demo’s and a couple made full albums there.

On finding out that I had just started guitar lessons, another guy liked to sing (Mark) and that another new colleague played guitar (Steve), we were all invited to Paul’s home one evening to see the studio and perhaps make some music.

We arrived late due to bad weather, but set about recording a couple of songs.  I had bought a guitar magazine a few weeks before that had a CD on the front with some simple backing tracks, one of which was the Free song Alright Now. There were various backing track options and we choose a simple drum beat, piano and bass and over the top of this we “performed”.  Paul played drums and lead guitar and I played some rhythm guitar. Paul and Mark sang, I think.  It was a fine recording!

Then Steve did a solo version of Wonderwall playing a mean guitar and singing surprisingly well.

We finished late in the night with Mark’s all time favourite song, Jumpin’ Jack Flash. We laid down the backing track with Paul playing drums while Steve and I played guitars. Paul then added some bass and Mark sang the lead loudly with Steve providing some skillful harmonies on the chorus. There were many bad notes and poor timing, but it sounded great.

It was a fun night and one I fondly remember. I have a cassette tape somewhere with the songs on, but of course nothing to play the tape on these days!


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