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10 weird facts #1

1. Seat belts are banned on some roads in Estonia that cross frozen lakes and rivers.

2. About 40% of skyscrapers due to be completed in the next six years will be in China.

3. French police are currently allowed 25cl of wine or a small beer with their lunch while on duty.

4. Huskies can smell thin ice.

5. Good cops are better at getting confessions than bad cops.

6. The average hug lasts three seconds.

7. People with full bladders make better decisions.

8. UK postal workers get through two million red rubber bands a day.

9. The ransom paid to release Richard the Lionheart, captured in 1192 on his return from the Crusades, was the equivalent of about £2bn in today’s money.

10. The word “loo” dates from medieval times, thought to have derived from the warning shout of “gardez l’eau!” given by those tipping chamber pots out the window.

One comment on “10 weird facts #1

  1. Raybeard
    February 22, 2014

    Yes, I’d heard of #7 before. It sounds weird at first but I suppose it must be to do with going with ones gut feeling rather than sitting down to analyse, and possibly coming up with the wrong decision. I think it’s another version of some very good advice I once heard and which I’ve tried to follow viz: If you feel there’s a conflict between your heart (gut response) and your brain (intellect) go with the former. The heart may not be right on every single occasion, but it usually is.

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