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This week I have been…

ImageWatchingRush, the story of Hunt and Lauda. in the 1970’s. The first half was pretty poor with some terrible stereotypes, cliches, amateurish script and “that wouldn’t have ever happened” moments. The second half was better due to the action but I cringed several times as the script explained simple things to the (I assume) American audience. Hunt just came across as a prat (with some bad overacting and accent by Chris Hemsworth) and Lauda as dull. 5/10. I also watched Despicable Me 2 which is a lot of fun – the story wasn’t as good as the first, but you have to love the Minions. Easy 7/10.   We also watched another six Breaking Bad episodes this week!

In a bar… on a Saturday afternoon! Pete and I walked into town late on Saturday afternoon to have a quick look around the shops and ended up in the best trendy bar/cafe/restuarant for a few beers. We only stayed for one as it was full of people with kids. I know the wealthy local people need to take little Harry and Imogen somewhere, but why the best bar in town?!  So we went elsewhere.

Running… in my 21st Parkrun. I had to go to Bedford again as other Parkrun events were flooded and/or muddy. Despite feeling exhausted, I was 3 seconds off my personal best.  I will break that barrier in the coming weeks!

Still losing weight… mainly due to the running. I’ve not actually lost that much weight, but have toned up a lot and find my suits are now too big for me and have ordered some new slim fit shirts and the regular fit look baggy. I’ve also been doing daily press ups and still hope that one day, these moobs will be flat!

Getting angry… at the evil anti-gay words coming out of Russian mouths. It’s put me off the Olympics completely and that’s before you consider the incredible corruption and poor treatment of local people in and around Sochi. These winter Olympics have cost more to stage than the previous 21 games added together and it’s Putin’s friends that are getting rich.

One comment on “This week I have been…

  1. Soul
    February 11, 2014

    I love the Despicable Me movies!

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