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This week I have been…

ImageWatching… a couple of films: Despicable Me is great fun – some wonderful animation and comedy. An easy 7/10 and close to an 8. We also watched a French film from 1969 La Pascine which is a bit slow to start with, but features guys in unfeasibly tight shirts and an OK story. I mentioned the lead actor Alain Delon here. Just about makes 7/10 as well.

Laughing… at UKIP. Some loopy councillor has blamed the storms and heavy floods across Britain on the Government’s decision to legalise gay marriage. What a fuckwit.

Running… in my 18th Parkrun. I’ve realised however that, for my age bracket, I am a slow runner. So I need to figure out my training to improve this. I’ve said it before, but I am not a natural runner and still struggle whether it’s a 45 minute jog or a 25 minute run. I have lost weight again, after putting it on again over Christmas. I don’t eat as healthily as I should, I never have, but know if I were to improve that, the moobs might reduce even more!

Driving… my new car. It’s so nice of my employer to provide a car so that I can drive around the Home Counties. The car comes with many gadgets and settings – it could be a while until I figure them all out.

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