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Alain Delon

We watched a film this week called La Piscine, that featured French actor Alain Delon.  When he made the film in 1969 he was 34 and I thought, I bet he was a stunner when he was younger.  I was right. He’s now 78 and looks very distinguished, but he was an actor and model in the early 60’s…

alaindelonpleinsoleil Delon-pour-Dior-2010_portrait_gallery juzlikeit,alain,delon,james,dean,guy,black,and,white,boy-e427b1b548d6704c394472f7124f347b_h_large 936full-alain-delon Photo studio : portrait de face souriant d'Alain DELON sur fond marron.

3 comments on “Alain Delon

  1. David Fraser
    January 16, 2014

    I remember him in The Yellow Rolls Royce

  2. iceman
    January 17, 2014

    I hope you didn’t read what he said recently about “Mariage pour tous” in France… :s

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