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Round table and musical snobbery

582px-Logo_BBC_6_Music.svg_I’ve been working at home today and for some of the time I played a couple of podcasts in the background.

I listened to the BBC 6 Music show Round Table presented by Steve Lamacq where guests appraise new music.  In the December 2013 show I listened to, some of the hits from the first half of the year were reviewed by Graham Crabb from Pop Will Eat Itself, Mike Edwards from Jesus Jones and Miles Hunt from The Wonder Stuff.

I usually enjoy the banter, but this time around, the show annoyed and angered me!

From the first track played, the guests had an air about them suggesting how important they were and how lucky the listening public was to be hearing their views.

They soon got to the Daft Punk song that was everywhere in the summer of 2013, Get Lucky.   As you probably know, it’s a catchy pop song full of hooks, in the style of disco favourites Chic.  I imagine that a some people love this song and some hate it.  That’s how a pop record can be sometimes.  Whatever your view, it’s difficult to deny that its catchy (whether annoyingly or wonderfully is a different matter).

But the tone from the studio was pompous and judgemental in that they not only hated the song, but felt offended that Daft Punk should infect the world and their ears in particular, with these sounds.  It was the elitist comments from the guests that disappointed me most with the inference of “how dare Daft Punk belittle themselves into making music I don’t approve of”. It all sounded quite pathetic and reminded me of art snobs who look down on those that don’t share their views on modern art for example.

All of this was coming from 3 has-beens, who all regarded the track as pure crap and beneath them, despite it being the most played song of the centrury so far. This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard this style of presenting on 6 Music and Round Table and this elitist style is the kind of thing that puts listeners off.

I’m not actually here to talk about the merits or otherwise of the Daft Punk song, that’s just not relevant.  For example, I can’t stand the song Candy by Robbie Williams, but I wouldn’t suggest that he should not lower himself by making such bubblegum pop.  Why shouldn’t he attempt to make some silly pop, just for the fun of it and to entertain?  And the same goes for Daft Punk.  If they want to make a pop record in homage to Chic, then why should they be chastised by some musical snobs?

When asked about the song, I would have preferred to hear a balanced, well thought viewpoint.  I often disagree with the guests opinions, but that’s fine when the guest is being fair.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it becomes more about the reviewer than the song they are reviewing, the radio production becomes tiresome.

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