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Best of the year 2013

2013 Best of - Year in Review

Best film I’ve watched… a tie between the documentary Searching for Sugar Man and the disturbing true story Sophie Scholl.

Best concert I have attended… has to be Fleetwood Mac in October in London.

Best event… probably our long weekend in Paris. But the day at Buckingham Palace was also a lot of fun.

Best sporting moment… Crystal Palace winning at Wembley.

Best gay campaign… The Stonewall posters.

Best show… The Book of Mormon.

Most read blog post… was the one about Colton Haynes. I assume most people came to it by a Google search.

Most read photo post… the one about signs.

Best anniversary… having Zac for a year.

Person of the year… for me is Tom Daley and not for his sixpack, for being brave and for taking a risk.

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