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Celebrating… Christmas like everyone else. We drove to my Mum and Dad’s house in Kent on Christmas day morn’ and stayed a few days. We took Pete’s mum and Zac of course. In the end, there were 10 adults and 4 dogs for Christmas day. That expanded to 15 adults and 5 dogs on Boxing day when my friend Jan and his wife Siena and 2 of their kids came over. Jan and his family are living and working in Houston at the moment, so we are planning a trip to see them at some point – might be Autumn 2014.

Watchinga couple of films: Red Lights is a film about the murky world of psychics and one famous one in particular played by Robert De Niro. It was an OK film, but I always find Sigourney Weaver’s acting to be a bit suspect. It scrapes 7/10.  The other film was The Princess Bride which I somehow missed over the years. It’s a classic fairy story with good guys, bad guys, sword fights and a beautiful Princess. It’s just a fun film with some great lines. An easy 7/10.

Listening… to lots of new music on a site called Daytrotter. On Friday evening, I started a playlist of their top tunes from 2013 and we listened for a couple of hours – heard some really good stuff. I’ll share some on here soon.

Struggling… through the sales on Sunday in Cambridge. Not sure why I bother as for the past 2 or 3 years, we’ve come home empty handed. If you are XXL or XS, there is a wide choice of clothing!

Deciding… whether to have some resolutions for 2014.

Running… in my 15th Parkrun. A slow run around Bedford Park on Saturday morning. I’ve yet to get back into regular running and the weather isn’t making it any easier.

Enjoy the rest of Twixtmas everyone.

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