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This week I have been…

ImageWatching… a quirky film called The Kings of Summer about a group of kids who build a house in the woods and then run away from home to live there. Apart from unlikely build quality and speed of building the house, the 15 year old buys seemed to have a strange amount of facial hair. An odd film, but quite funny. 6/10.

Attending… the theatre on Monday night watching the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical called Stephen Ward.  My review can be found here.

Also attending… an adult panto at one of the theatres in our local town (the one we saw some comedy in the summer) but this time in the theatre itself, which is tiny. It was very rude and way over the top, but everyone laughed throughout. I am very glad that we weren’t sitting on the front row as they were picked on for the whole show.

Drinking… with a few colleagues on Wednesday evening in London.  It was a boozy evening and I may have felt a little rough on Thursday.

Relaxing… on Thursday as Pete attended his company Christmas party.

Running… in my 14th Parkrun, this time in St Albans. Despite remnants of man flu and not having run in nearly 3 weeks, I managed to get round the gentle 5k course without stopping, but with a much slower time then the previous event.

Celebrating…  our friend’s birthday (we started last week in London). A group of us met in Berkhamstead for a lovely lunch at Gatsby’s, a restaurant housed in the old foyer of a 1920’s cinema. Kirk wasn’t expecting this. He also wasn’t expecting a visit to The Rex cinema above (carefully restored in it’s original art deco style with massive comfy chairs and more leg room than I have ever seen) to see It’s a wonderful life. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening.  And he also wasn’t expecting the compare (yes, they have a compare who gives an introduction to the films!) to announce to the packed auditorium that Kirk was 40!


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