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This week I have been…


Tired… and full of a cold. Coming back from Germany, we were both exhausted on Tuesday and developed colds as the week went on. My Twitter poem on the topic was:

This illness could be serious
Each sneeze is a clue
My head is full and throbbing
It’s no cold, it’s man flu!

Working… in Edinburgh for 2 days, well sort of. I was there for a team meeting, following some major changes at work. We had a Christmas event on Wednesday night with possibly the worst meal I’ve had had!

Listening… to a brilliant radio monologue by John Osbourne called John Peels Shed. It’s actually a programme from 2011 but was repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra – which is my radio channel of choice while in the bath!

Celebrating… the 40th birthday of our friend Kirk. We were in London yesterday along with his fiancé Alison.  We started at Kings Cross at a wonderful cocktail bar and then to the viewing gallery bar at Centre Point called Paramount.  It’s an unusual space 33 floors up. I assume it was empty until turned into a 360 degree bar.  It’s about 2 metres wide all of the way round, with no direct lift access, but with some great views across London. We arrived there at 3 and left at 5, so we watched the city sky darken and the lights come on. After that we went to Hawksmoor (again) for steak.  It was packed there and it’s a huge restaurant – but I still had one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life.

Eating more… with a poorly planned (but lovely) Christmas lunch today. Neither of us needed another meal out!

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