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Here is my snapshot in time…

Yesterday I was in London for meetings in the morning. On the journey home during the afternoon travel lull, I got the Underground and then walked through St Pancras International station before crossing the road to Kings Cross station to catch my train.

I entered the cavernous space that is St Pancras station, at the level below the trains. This section has shops along either side and is open to the huge glass and blue metal roof above.  At two points along the main open space, some kind soul has placed old upright pianos.  The instruments are battered, bruised, out of tune and welcoming.

To my regret, I don’t play the piano, so I couldn’t change the fact that the first was sitting unplayed and lonely.  However, a few steps later and the sound of improvised jazz came from the other piano some 50 yards away.  As I got closer, I saw a twenty-something year old man hunched over the 88 keys concentrating on a series of complex movements.  His left hand was playing a seemingly random rhythm and has right hand a slow, then fast, then slow melody.  For a few seconds, the beautifully accomplished jazz sounds took me away and made me forget that I was in a transport hub with hundreds of people milling about.  A pleasant and unexpected diversion.

The idea of strangers being given the opportunity to share music is a fine one.

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