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Dedicated to Tom

What can I say?!  To come out to the world when you’re famous must be terrifying, but Tom Daley has been honest to himself and his fans/supporters.  I only had to tell a few people and didn’t do a great job at that and waited for years!

Tom… you’re a hero and you’re only 19!

2 comments on “Dedicated to Tom

  1. Raybeard
    December 3, 2013

    Agreed absolutely. I feel so proud of him, at LEAST as much as those close to him ought to be feeling.
    Now if only we could be spared the uglier press tracking and hounding him to find out the identity of his other half (if they don’t know already) – and watching for one of them to trip up and create a ‘story’ which will sell their rags. But I fear that’s an awfully big ask.

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