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This week I have been…

ImageWatching… the latest series of Boardwalk Empire. It’s been good so far, but still overly violent which surprises me every time. The story thread of Will Thompson going to University is good, if only because the lovely Ben Rosenfield plays the character.

Drinking… with my work colleagues after a team meeting on Friday. I really cant drink anymore it seems.  And then on Saturday, we were in London and found (mostly) free drink!  If you the right shops in London, you can enjoy free mulled wine/cider and champagne!

Eating… at Hawksmoor just off Regent Street on Saturday. We’ve been there before, but it’s worth stating that it is the best steak restaurant in London!

Running… at my 13th Parkrun. Due to unforeseen logistical stuff, I had to drop Zac at Pete’s mums house on Saturday morning, so I continued on to St Albans for the Parkrun there.  After a heavy night on Friday, a severe lack of sleep, a hangover and feeling crappy overall, I managed a good time.  I was just 5 seconds off my personal best. I felt it was important to attend as I couldn’t go last week and can’t go next week.

Enjoying… Barenaked Ladies at the Indigo at the O2 in London. As usual, they were excellent live and as Simple Minds were in the main O2 arena, they slipped in some Simple Minds references too!

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