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This week I have been…


On a city break… in Paris for a Carla Bruni concert. More to follow.

Watching… or at least trying to watch The Host. It started slowly and got worse. We ended up fast forwarding for a while then switching off! Alien films are usually good, this was dull and the acting appalling! 2/10. One point for making the film and another as it might appeal to dumb teens.  We also watched a gay themed film called I Do which was OK and was written by ex boybander David Ross.  The story was a bit obvious and a couple of scenes stood out as being out of place, but it was fine.

Reading…. Q magazine and FHM on the Eurostar. I only bought them as there was a deal. Q magazine used to be cool, now it’s a little thicker than a leaflet and lacking the depth it used to have, but acceptable all the same. FHM is full of laddish twaddle – always bordering on the line of being sexist and even a bit “gay-worried”.

Paying silly money… for an iPhone 5s.

Paying silly money… for a coffee in Paris.

A twitter poem for my trip:

Woke at dawn for the train
Nous sommes à Paris
We will see The Seine
And a gig with Carla Bruni

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