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This week I have been…

ImageWatching… all 8 episodes of Broadchurch. The words ‘quality ITV drama’ haven’t gone together for a generation, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this gripping and entertaining. The acting was top class from Olivia Colman and David Tennant. It also had some nice eye candy in the form of Jonathan Bailey.

Listening… to a Podcast of a Radio 4 programme called Mastertapes where musicians talk about a particular album in depth. The first I’ve listened to is Richard Thompson who is a witty and clever man – well worth a listen. I was introduced to the music of Richard Thompson many years ago by my guitar teacher.

Surprised… to see an open top sports car drive by in our town driven by a Gorilla with a Giraffe in the passenger seat!

Running… again after a short lay off. The ankle still isn’t quite right so I’m taking it carefully. I ran in my 12th Parkrun on Saturday and was disappointed with my time and lack of energy. I’m beginning to think that I need to push my training during the week far more if I want to lose these moobs.

Visiting… Pete’s uncle and Aunt in Oakham in Englands smallest county of Rutland. We had a look around the (mostly) posh shops and took Zac to the reservoir for a walk. It was a beautifully still day with only a few boats on the water.

Eating… at one of the best restaurants around. Six of us had a really lovely long boozy lunch on Sunday. Is there better way to spend a grey Sunday?

Writing… my first Twitter poems. I heard that Pam Ayres had started doing this, so I thought I’d give it a go (but I’d never get anywhere close to her level of course).  Here’s number 1:

It’s Sunday and I’m going out
For a roast lunch with my pals
3 courses for just 20 quid
And around 3 thousand cals

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