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This week I have been…


Having… a quiet week overall with work taking over and some quiet nights in, apart from a birthday meal out on Monday.

Tidying up... my social media life. So far I have stopped following over 1000 people on Instagram after going a bit crazy in the early days – but I still have 1000 people that I follow, though not all publish photos.  I have stopped using Facebook for a while and have reduced the people I follow on Twitter by around 250 to 680. I started unfollowing people who like crap music, swear a lot and/or don’t post often.  Subsequently, the people that follow me has fallen by around 50 to 870. It’s an ongoing programme.

Watching… a couple of my favourite TV programmes while Pete was out one night. I would say that Grand Designs and QI are brilliantly produced and excellent entertainment. I watched a couple of episodes of both.

Presenting… at a team event in London at The Gherkin. Three of us were sharing the presenting duties and afterwards, I was informed by another colleague that I “shouldn’t stand next to a tall bird” as it “makes you look even shorter”.  Sexism and an insult all in one comment!

Taking in easy… and not running at all. I’ve somehow damaged my ankle and as it’s been hurting to walk on, running was never going to be an option.  So my enforced rest has, I’m sure, led to a weight gain!  Hopefully in a few days I can run again and take part in Parkrun next Saturday.

One comment on “This week I have been…

  1. Raybeard
    November 11, 2013

    I’ve rapidly gone off QI. It started out as a really good concept with very interesting stuff worth knowing, but now it’s been degraded by the silliness of the carryings-on of certain occasional panel members trying to outscore each other, Phil Jupitus and Sue Perkins to name but two. (Depending on who’s on with him, Alan Davies also sometimes badly needs to be be reined in.) When there is someone relatively serious on, e.g. Brian Cox, his intelligent contributions are often demeaned or used as a flimsy excuse for unfunny ‘jokes’..
    I occasionally try to catch up on ‘Dave’ on some episodes I haven’t seen before but can barely keep watching till the end, getting every bit as irritated as Stephen Fry, who himself is trying his utmost not to hide his frustration at the panel’s antics.
    So come on, John Lloyd. Tighten it up and make it worth watching once more!

    Btw: Wishing you continued good running!

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