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Some guy blocked me on Twitter this week.  I have no idea why, as I’ve not had many interactions with him – perhaps he disliked my views on football or something. Unfollowing is one thing, blocking is serious and annoyed me a little.  It’s made me think about Social Media and that means Facebook and Twitter for most people…


I follow a few people as I want to hear their views; some of those are famous, some are not.  Most people I’ve just followed over time, pretty much at random. I have regular contact with very few, but we obviously don’t know each other and probably never will. And the rest… well what’s the point?  Is it really all about instant gratification isn’t it?  I click to send a tweet and someone comments, perhaps someone retweets. You get a tiny feeling of belonging for a fraction of a second, but in most cases, tweets are just lost in the list and perhaps never even read.

I’m not sure whether I want to stop using Twitter as there is some useful content, but I will stop following a couple of hundred people this week – the easy targets are people that go on about Lady GaGa and Celine Dion.  In time, I will probably grow weary of this ‘tool’, only follow a select group or even move on to something else.  Don’t forget to follow me though!

UPDATE: After just 2 days, I’ve now stopped following 200+ people, so I’m down to 700 I started with those obsessed with shit music (Lady GaGa, Celine Dion etc), people who think the Beckhams are gods and those that use the ‘c’ word on a regular basis! That covered quite a few.


It’s a poorly constructed site that doesn’t deserve support and the continued success strokes the ego of Mark Zuckerberg. I am starting to wonder if he believes he really is the Messiah. He hasn’t cured cancer or found a way to feed the world – he is simply a billionaire without the genius, just plenty of luck.  I worry about the power that a site like this has and it’s really all our fault for using it.  A site that can allow a film of a real murder to be shown, but ban a group because it has the word boob in the title is clearly flawed.

I digress… the lack of privacy and again, need for gratification is evident all over Facebook.  I’m as guilty as everyone else and I’m not convinced that having “friends” that have never been friends is particularly healthy. So I’m taking a break for a week or so, just to see what happens. Will I miss the interaction?  Will I miss sharing things that others probably don’t care about? Will I miss seeing that people I know have a social life?  Who knows and will anyone notice I’m gone?!


Well blogging is social media, but this time it’s purely a selfish place.  Since I mothballed my original blog, I haven’t cared about reader numbers.  I like seeing comments, but don’t fret if the entry remains empty of views.  I post when I see something interesting and if someone, even one person likes it, then that’s fine by me.  My blog is now a noticeboard for my own amusement.

4 comments on “Social media

  1. vannillarock
    November 5, 2013

    really enjoyed your post, as this happened to me a while ago on twitter. i was posing some comment re alex salmond and the sottish independence debate when this complete stranger was OFFENDED, his words not mine, and blocked my reply!! elsewhere on freshly pressed recently someone was musing about how offended so many people seem to be these days. my response is, by and large, ‘get over it’.

  2. Nik_TheGreek
    November 6, 2013

    I have a twitter account but hardly use it. I only log in if I need to read local news, airport feeds and things like that.
    In Facebook I’m hardly ever there. I’ve noticed that most of my posts is about wishing people happy birthday. That’s all. It’s a bit sad I know.
    I tend to get more on and on Instagram. It’s more fun that the rest.

  3. sfchapman
    November 7, 2013

    I think with Facebook you do get drawn in if you have lots of interaction with people – perhaps a bit more than just ‘happy birthday’!

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